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When to Replace Your Home Siding

Like the windows and roof of your house, the siding of your home has a long life span. However, there will come a point at which it needs to be replaced. Knowing when to replace it is important to prevent any damage to your house.
  • Rot – If the siding is beginning to rot, it needs to be replaced. You should periodically check for dry rot by tapping on the siding with a mallet or the handle of a screwdriver. If a hole breaks through, you have some issues and need new siding.
  • Cracks and warping – Siding should lay flat on your home. When pieces begin to break, crack or warp, siding replacement needs to be put on your home repair list.
  • Frequent paint – The paint on the exterior of your home should typically last about a decade. If your siding requires more frequent paint jobs, then it is probably at the end of its life. Siding that fades easily is an indication that it is no longer water resistant.
  • Sudden spike in utility bills – If you have noticed a sudden surge in your electric bill, look at the obvious possible causes for an increase in energy usage. If you cannot find anything, chances are the problem is with the siding of your house.
Replacing your siding not only protects your house, but it enhances the beauty of it. Call Lane’s Contracting to learn more about siding replacement.